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Putting People First

For the last decade, we have specialised in providing diagnostic, treatment, supportive services and hearing correction to the people of the UK.

Having experienced worsening hearing problems for several years, Penny called us to find out more about the steps she could take to improve her hearing clarity.

Aged 68, Penny is an active, family-oriented grandparent with a busy social life. Her time is most often split between working part-time as a brand representative, salsa dancing with her husband, and hosting dinner parties.

By contacting Claritas Hearing and having a Hearing and Listening Assessment, Penny gained the insight she needed to make the choices about her hearing health that were right for her lifestyle.

Mark Harwood

A message from Mark Harwood, CEO

Over the years, we have grown a strong reputation as the UK's best-loved, independent, national hearing care specialist, being a leader in hearing care excellence is what we are all about.

We pride ourselves on our open, honest, and all-inclusive approach to customer service - from initial diagnosis through to the provision of lifelong hearing care plans.

Our promise has always been simple: to deliver exactly what we say we will, to every customer and patient. By fulfilling this promise, we will ensure everyone in the UK has access to best-in-class, personalised hearing care on their terms.

We're looking forward to welcoming you to our revolutionary approach.

Mark Harwood HAD MIoD, CEO, Claritas Hearing