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Everything you need to know about hearing aids in one comprehensive guide

Since 2010 more than 100,000 people have benefited from receiving our Hearing Advice Guide and we continue to develop and distribute it completely free of charge.

Our guide helps dispel the myths surrounding hearing difficulty and shows the solutions that really work. Packed with practical help and advice the guide is something you'll want to keep and refer to

It is a great place to start the journey to better hearing or to help improve your existing hearing correction.

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Find out more about hearing and listening assessments in the Hearing Guide

Our hearing and listening assessments go much further than a standard hearing test and many have found the guide is a perfect place to start your search

If you would like to speak to a hearing specialist about booking a hearing and listening assessment, you can call 0808 149 8686.

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An excellent reference for the future

If you have just started to consider improving your hearing you will find out our Hearing Advice Guide is the perfect place top start your research

It is full of helpful information, and when you are ready to take another step to better hearing you will know exactly who to call

Whether for you or to help a loved one, take control and order your copy today.

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