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You're not alone

Hearing difficulties affect over 11 million adults and 45,000 children in the UK, or 1 in 6 of the population. By 2031, it is estimated that 14.5 million people in the UK, approximately 20% of the population, will have hearing difficulties.

Our mission is to enhance people’s lives and health by delivering outstanding, personalised hearing care.

Back in 2010, we started a bit of a revolution in the way hearing care was delivered with our evidence based and patient centred approach which delivered 4 steps to better hearing and produced amazing outcomes for our patients.

After all this time we are still doing the same thing only now we have taken it much further and launched a Hearing Revolution that focuses on 6 key programmes designed to deliver both outstanding and personalised hearing care.

The first, and still for us one of the most important programmes, is our commitment to education. We advise everyone considering their next step to better hearing to start by getting informed and learning a little about best practise approaches to hearing correction.

Our audiologists are trained in the effective communication skills that enable us to deliver what we believe is the worlds most outstanding hearing and listening consultation which you can have for free as part of our Hearing Revolution launch programme. If you just want to gain a little more understanding before talking to one of our advisors, then the four links below are also a good place to get started on your journey.