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Aimed at the most socially active and demanding person. This level of technology typically has the most advanced noise control, fully automatic features, wireless capabilities and is suitable for use ALL environments, 1-to-1 through to the most demanding cocktail party.
For the more socially active independent person, or someone who finds themselves in more complex environments regularly. This level of technology typically has advanced noise control, automatic adaptive features and wireless capabilities. For effective use around the home, watching television, 1-to-1 conversation, outdoors, coffee shops, small groups, supermarkets, friends/family gatherings, larger groups, restaurants, business meetings.
Perfect for the more independent person, this level of technology typically has some form of noise control and directional setting. Ideal for use in all home environments but also for when there are competing sounds such as walking outdoors, coffee shops, small groups, supermarkets and friends/family gatherings.
Aimed at more independent living but with limited exposure to complex listening environments. Ideally suited for listening in small groups, coffee mornings, church, theatre and shopping.
You Plus
A more advanced approach for those with quieter lifestyles with some enhanced features.
Aimed at the quietest of lifestyles. Ideally suited to quieter environments such as 1-to-1 conversations, talking on the telephone and watching television.

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It's the question everyone always asks; How much does a hearing aid cost?

You may have found that getting a sensible answer to this question is not that easy. If you are looking to correct your hearing loss and want to ensure you get the correct level of technology, then taking 5 minutes to read this page could save you time, money and heartache. You'll find our prices at the end of the artical.

Hearing aids aren't sold in isolation to the support services and work that goes into fitting them and looking after them. In fact, the vast majority of Hearing Aid Retailers aren't selling you hearing aids but rather a package or bundle that includes the following:

  • Hearing aids
  • Hearing test
  • Fitting service
  • Rehabilitation visits
  • Service calls and assisstance
  • Any further audiological or hearing care work - often called aftercare

The actual hearing aid costs can be quite low, but because the other costs are "included free" the actual cost of the hearing aids rise sharply.

It can also be quite difficult for a retailer to accurately estimate the ongoing costs and the pressure can be to do as little as possible when delivering these "free" services.

Simple hearing prices

6 different technology levels

Hearing aids are also developed across a range of technology levels. Rather like cars have a range and then different levels or specifications within that range, hearing aids are the same.

The big 6 hearing aid manufacturers

There are six major hearing aid manufacturers that make up the vast majority of all hearing aids fitted, these are:

  • Starkey
  • Sonova
  • GN Hearing
  • Widex
  • Oticon
  • Sivantos - Formerly Siemens

Some of the manufacturers run more than one brand, so for example Sonova have the Phonak and Unitron brands. Each brand can have 1 or 2 current ranges as well as supporting the sale of older ranges at discounts.

Not all ranges have all the technology levels and some sit in between levels.

All pretty confusing...

Our approach is to simplify the choices into six, understandable technology levels into which we then place each hearing aid, from each manufacturer at each of their specific technology levels. We do all the hard work and research for you ensuring we have the correct hearing aids in the correct bands and that we, and then you, are paying the correct amount for them.

We then add in the essential services to get your hearing system ordered, configured and fitted and your rehabilitation services to ensure you can fully use your new system. The result is our perfectly priced Essential bundle.

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