The Claritas Hearing Revolution

Revolutionary Hearing Care.

Why a Hearing Revolution?

In 2010 three audiology-industry professionals and colleagues came together to ask a simple question; Why was the world of audiology failing patients?

It was a bold and somewhat contentious question but at its heart was the recognition that the profession they loved could and should do better.

During the long and passionate discussions and with the aid of lots of tea, two agreements were reached:

  • Seven key areas where things should change and improve
  • To build an audiology service focused on delivering a new and modern approach to hearing correction

For each of the seven areas that were identified, programmes have been designed to deliver the most comprehensive approach to hearing correction available anywhere today. These seven areas are now the Hearing Revolution Key Programmes that you can read about here and in our Hearing Revolution guide.

Eight years on and we have over 40,000 successful fittings across the length and breadth of the UK and a clinical success rate that is the envy of the audiology world.

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