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Claritas Hearing has taken years to cultivate and develop strong partnerships with the worlds leading hearing aid manufacturers. Three of the top six manufacturers presented to our clinical teams at our Hearing Revolution launch event, they are supporting the new ways we are approaching the application of technology to patients needs.

Being manufacturer trained, our Audiologists are in a unique position to assess the application of this vital part of the hearing correction jigsaw to ensure you get everything you need and nothing you don't.

Modern hearing aid dispensing is all about the connection of hearing systems to your world and using the power of the latest devices to automate, making access to better hearing a truly simple and enjoyable experience.

Achieving the stunning outcomes we regularly deliver is not down to luck, careful and detailed assessment linked with the power of our myth busting programming and configuration approach leads to the perfect synthesis of clinical and technical.

Experience what good sounds like with a full demonstration of your ideal sounding hearing solution

Hearing Aid Manufacturers

Claritas Hearing is able to offer competitive prices on a wide range of styles, and only prescribes the latest hearing aid technologies from the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers.


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Hearing Aid Types

Hearing aid types

There have been a number of recent advances enabling hearing aid manufacturers to add new functionality to tiny hearing aids. This innovation has eliminated many of the problems associated with these highly cosmetic fittings. Sadly, innovation often comes with a higher cost.

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