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Not just the most thorough hearing test you’ll ever have, but the most thorough listening assessment you’ll ever have, too. The most in-depth assessments available in the UK

Over the years we've helped thousands of customers experience better hearing with affordable hearing aids and exceptional care and service.

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Free hearing tests at home from expert audiologists

No-one should be sentenced to a life of isolation simply because their ability to hear is deteriorating.

Claritas Hearing’s team of hearing experts can visit you to carry out a home hearing test, or wherever may be most suitable for your needs, including over 80 Age UK locations across the UK.

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Free hearing tests at home from expert audiologists

Your hearing assessment results

Using these various test results, your audiologist can identify how far any damage to your auditory system has progressed, and the impact this has had on your ability to hear.

Upon completion of your hearing assessment, your audiologist will provide a full explanation of the results to ensure you understand the nature of your hearing difficulties and how they are affecting you. They will then advise on the options available to you and make any relevant recommendations. At this point, if you would like to see how different types of hearing aids work, or how they fit into the ear, your audiologist can provide a product demonstration for you.