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UK Hearing Care is now Claritas Hearing

Our rebrand to Claritas Hearing represents a shift in focus for our company to inclusive, all-of-life hearing services, including clinical assessments, lifelong support plans, and the provision of the latest hearing technology.

Our hearing and listening assessment is unique in the hearing care industry, comprising several key tests designed to evaluate different aspects of your hearing to determine the type and degree of your hearing difficulties.

We will continue to offer all of the same services as UK Hearing Care. However, our new branding brings with it exciting opportunities for our services to evolve and expand for the benefit of both existing and future customers.

For existing UK Hearing Care queries, please call 0808 231 2668 and your Clinical Case Manager will be able to help.

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Penny's story

Having experienced the worsening effects of hearing loss for several years, Penny called us to find out more about the steps she could take to improve her hearing clarity.

Aged 68, Penny is an active, family-oriented grandparent with a busy social life. Her time is most often split between working part-time as a brand representative, salsa dancing with her husband, and hosting dinner parties.

By contacting Claritas Hearing and claiming her hearing and listening assessment, Penny gained the insight she needed to resolve her hearing issues and get back to enjoying her active, family lifestyle.

Claritas Hearing Ear

Find out more about hearing and listening assessments in the Hearing Guide

Our hearing and listening assessments go much further than a standard hearing test and many have found the guide is a perfect place to start your search

If you would like to speak to hearing specialist about booking a hearing and listening assessment, you can call 0808 149 8686.