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Before you can invest in any solution for your hearing difficulties, you need to have a Hearing and Listening Assessment. The results from this assessment, offered free of charge and with no-obligation, will give your Audiologist the information they need to recommend an appropriate approach to help you solve a hearing difficulty, as well as explaining our revolutionary approach to transparent pricing that ensures you only pay for exactly what you need. Ahead of your appointment, you will be sent a copy of our Hearing Advice Guide. This will tell you in more detail about the Hearing and Listening Assessment and what you can expect when you meet your Audiologist.

Claritas Hearing’s assessment is unique in the hearing care industry, comprised of essential tests designed to evaluate different aspects of your hearing to determine the type and degree of your hearing and communication difficulties.

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Our hearing and listening assessments go much further than a standard hearing test and many have found the guide is a perfect place to start your search

If you would like to speak to hearing specialist about booking a hearing and listening assessment, you can call 0808 149 8686.