The Hearing Revolution
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What is the Hearing Revolution?

Since 2010, Claritas Hearing has specialised in providing clinical diagnostic, treatment, and support audiology services to the people of the UK.

Our hearing care services have evolved into six revolutionary programmes to help you make the most of your hearing. Read below to find out about the six programmes of the Hearing Revolution and how they help us to help you achieve the hearing outcome you want.

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1. We are passionate about education

For our audiologists, it's all about making sure they are the most qualified they can be to understand every patient's needs.

For our end users, it's about giving you the essential knowledge you need to ensure you get the most from your hearing care.

We have seen time and again that some simple knowledge and advice carefully delivered to our patients before, during and after their assessments leads to improved outcomes. Our website is a great place to start, and the very least you should do is get hold of your FREE copy of our Hearing Advice Guide while you're here. It will help you to understand more about the causes, symptoms, and effects of hearing difficulties, and what you can expect from one of our Hearing and Listening Assessments. If you decide to take the next step in your journey to better hearing you'll better understand the information we will give you.

Over 100,000 people have already received their copy of the Hearing Advice Guide and started their journey to better hearing.

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2. Assessment

We hear with our ears, but we listen with our brain, and these days it isn't acceptable to fit hearing aids without a full assessment of any areas of communication decline that your hearing loss may have triggered.

Our Hearing and Listening Assessment has been carefully designed to be both simple and effective but also to truly get to the bottom of your hearing difficulties and your ability to communicate and comprehend.

One of our hearing specialists can assess your hearing and listening abilities and simply explain how we can help you to recover as much of your communication abilities as is possible.

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Hearing assessment
Hearing technology

3. Hearing Technology

Claritas Hearing has swept away the confusion over technology levels and dispenses from 2 not 5 levels of top technologies from the world's leading manufacturers.

Simplifying and making sense of your choices doesn't mean reducing flexibility though. We either focus on simple to use technology aimed at those with simple requirements or simple to use technology focused on people with more demanding needs. As you might expect from the Hearing Revolution, our technology prices are revolutionary, too.

Our unique hearing care packages structure ensures you get everything you need and nothing that you don't and is highly transparent and simple to understand. For those who have previously experienced the complexity of choice around technology or the ridiculousness of choices like; Good, Better, Best, you will appreciate what we have done to make sense of your options. All of this gives you access to the best technology available at an unbelievably competitive price.

With our transparent prices, you only pay for the technology and service you need and not for anything you don't. Download a copy of our Hearing Advice Guide now.

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4. Rehabilitation and Support

We customise and build your rehabilitation and support services together.

Choose the rehabilitation and support services you want to custom-build your hearing care package.

Our Audiologists and UK based Clinical Case Managers continue to support you after you have purchased your hearing system.

Based in the UK, our Customer Service Team is always available to support you and provide advice about your hearing difficulties and our rehabilitation process will get you in control of your hearing difficulties fast.

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Rehab services
Evidence and research

5. Research and Evidence

Our evidence-based approach to hearing care is focused on improving outcomes for people with hearing difficulties.

Each assessment we perform has been proven to help with the diagnosis and treatment of hearing difficulties.

Doing what is proven to work based on hard facts and years of research and experience from the worlds most respected hearing research academics is just one of the reasons our patient outcomes are the envy of the industry.

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6. Clinical Framework

The creation of our Clinical Framework was a major undertaking, and the benefits it produces for our patients are just as major.

It's all about repeatable outcomes and quality care, it's what we use to describe how we go about delighting our patients and is our major driver of ensuring we can show as many people as possible What Good Sounds Like.

Not just for our audiologists but also our Clinical Case management team, it enables us to deliver on our promises and ensure you get the very best outcome you can.

=Clinical framework

How do I join the Hearing Revolution?

Call 0808 149 8686 or fill in the contact form to claim your Hearing Revolution voucher for a free hearing and listening assessment worth £300.


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