UK Hearing Care is now Claritas Hearing

Our rebrand to Claritas Hearing represents a shift in focus for our company to inclusive, all-of-life hearing services, including clinical assessments, lifelong support plans, and the provision of the latest hearing technology.

Our hearing and listening assessment is unique in the hearing care industry, comprising several key tests designed to evaluate different aspects of your hearing to determine the type and degree of your hearing difficulties.

We will continue to offer all of the same services as UK Hearing Care. However, our new branding brings with it exciting opportunities for our services to evolve and expand for the benefit of both existing and future customers.

For existing UK Hearing Care queries, please call 0808 231 2668 and your Clinical Case Manager will be able to help.

Who are Claritas Hearing?

Since 2010, we have specialised in providing clinical diagnostic, treatment, and support audiology services across the UK. This includes hearing and listening assessments, the latest technology, and advice on the best routes and solutions for you.

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Hearing and listening assessment

Claritas Hearing Audiologists work to determine the health of all parts of your hearing system through our unique hearing and listening assessment.

Our assessment tools consider your sensitivity to sound, your ability to recognise speech, acceptable noise levels to your condition, and many more of the factors essential to identifying how far any damage to the auditory system has progressed.

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